Books that made me….

Although, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a man is what he reads because reading shapes not our thinking but our opinions, character and the aura we all live in.

There maybe numerous times when we look forward to book/s to widen our horizon and ask ‘what to know more about a topic ?’

The list of Books that really broaden my thinking structure are:

Taslima Nasrin’s ‘Lajja’ : A book that teaches how minorities are insecure in their own ways. Being a Bangladeshi and muslim, she through her book shows the dark side of being a Hindu in a region lead by Muslims. The fear & insecurities that the protagonists & his family had to go through along with the love that the neighbours extend regardless of the religion and the group of mobs trying to create an atmosphere of tension & riots. It’s truly unifying book which appeals universally.

The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma : One of the best book which i picked randomly because of the uniqueness of it’s title and trust me it has changed my outlook towards life, goals, positivity, fitness and routine. Robin sharma clearly says ‘ If u want to be among those 5% geniuses of the world, do everyday that 5% are doing’. He emphasise on the simple rules of life through fiction in a very engrossing way.. It’s a must read… I repeat a must read.

Conversations with God Part- 1 by Neale Donald Welsch : A book which accompanied me when i was facing bitter truth of life & difficulties. Initially, i was relectant to read this book because am not among that believer of God or something but when i completed, it becomes my Geeta, Bible, Quran and what not. Such an uncommon diagloues by the author that answers questions from every walk of life from individual to family , from relationships to sex and all such taboos of this world. The deep philosophy is what struck me ‘You, yourself is God’.

Sam Walton : Made in America : An autobiography of a famous personality Sam Walton who started ‘Wal-Mart’ in America & even this year topped the Forbes list. This person wasn’t a prosperous guy with dollars in his pocket but started off small, taking risks and his ultimate desire to serve the customers first, he made a giant company that when gave him millions of dollars, still desired to make it best only & only for the customers. So, it’s like serve your work the best way & everything else will take care.

Love among the bookshelves & other stories by Ruskin Bond : The cutest author and my Hero who gives me a sense of comfort, imagination and laughter that i can transport myself to my childhood days anytime. His writings being so simple yet complex but full of wonders, mountains ( my first love) and animals woven in a thread of story that will company you forever.

The Fault in our stars : A love story that breaks my heart & compel me to think that extraordinary people do exist who fill our lives with immense love that never cease to end (even if they aren’t physically present in the world). I learn that Life is short, our wishlist is long so, go ahead live, laugh and love selflessly so that at the end we’ll never regret for a life devoid of love atleast. As John Green wrote ‘Some infinities are bigger than other infinities’. Thus, be greatful each day early in the morning that you have life & blessings.

Love are Books 🙂

These are my treasures i look upto & me being lover of books, i wish to explore more till the end because ‘History always repeats & every aspect is written just to be read’.

Till then Keep Reading 🙂

P.S – wrote this specially for #BlogChatter #Prompt for @blogchatter ^_^



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