It’s a tale dated 2 yrs back,

When a new creature jumps with me,

In need of a name & home,

She looks up to me,

With those cute tender eyes,

Whom i find gleaming with light,

I, thus, named her ‘Goldy‘.

Keeping her in a round vase with few of her friends,

Looking now & then cheerful,

I bore them with my not so witty talks,

But the Goldy takes interest in my talks it seems,

I, thus, include her in my girl’s gang.

Instructions that says ‘Feed Fishes carefully’,

I took every bit of care,

Days passed with lot more fun & gossips,

Suddenly, one day i saw her ‘Restless & sick’,

I find her resting more than her friends,

I try to feed more in a hope, she’ll get that energy to swim,

Then, one night she went ‘into another sphere’, an eternal sleep,

I hated her seeing lying all in peace,

As she had not even bid me Goodbye it seems,

I bid her adieu in pray of a good life,

Even to her friends which i merged into the sea, to be free, finally,

I could visualize Goldy dancing, growing up and to be a fish i always wished to see,

At times, i go to feed fishes in a pond nearby, where i get a glimpse of my one & only ‘Goldy’.

Me, gazing happily Goldy & her friend :’)

P.S : Richa on twitter today reminds me of ‘Goldy’ & thus, this post is tribute to Goldy’s memories she left behind :’)


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