Holding a pencil mighty,

She’s scribbling something quietly,

Sincerely are the moves of Graphite,

That convince an Epic being written.


Pausing at moments,

Just to reconsider her statements,

Lines if they Rhyme, words do they make Sense,

Cutting certain points that weaken her thoughts.

She’s scribbling all alone & apart.


A burden, a thought, a heartbreak,

Testing her patience to complete the essay,

The moment she’s on verge of completion…..


She was confiscated,

Her writings torn down to pieces,

To leave them desolate forever,

The Pencil cried, the words frustated,

When she was killed by her Rapist.


Is it ever worth to supress the agitation,

The Justice denied,

After her death,

Some joined the crumbs in order that says ;

A, B, C…. How could that man is free’,

Thus, with tears in eyes all took a step to raise her buried voice,

Let’s stop this… Then & Now,

It’s a curse to live in a ‘Society with Child Abusers… Every then & How’.

Let every childhood & innocence survive.

P.S : Change is needed in every aspect for Children in Our society.


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