Lonely Stairs


Standing on an Elevator,
All proud, erect and smartly,
To shorten the distance, work and time,
My eyes all of a sudden falls on the ‘Stairs’,

He was all alone,
All by himself,
As if telling the tale of his state,

Once upon a time, people used to use me,
Happily went up & down,
I was their supporting system,
That kept them fit,
Every step they tread on me,
Satisfied my purpose of life –
‘To Elevate to their destination’,

Now, am all by myself, with rarely,
Any footsteps tickling me down,
I can’t sleep at night due to my conscience,
That pierce me everyday, every second,
That am all tagged ‘Use Less’,

I wish one day,
People will rejoin me,
Be more smarter to see that technology is enslaving them,
Be more alert of my existence,
That keeps the human body going.

P.S : I wondered why i was sad to see those lonely stairs that get voice through this short piece ?
Let’s make his existence successful and our fitness good without hitting Gyms πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


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