The Game Called ‘Life’

I was born without knowledge,
That am clubbed with a software,
In built to pursue vigorous activities,
To be monitored everyday,
To subdue all emotions that arise,
Let it be past,
Let it pass,
Am here to play a game called Life’.

Initially, my childhood was stored with all sorts of guidance & directions,
That i need to take care in mind,
To learn the more, to defeat the pride,
To pray everyday and to be worth.

Then, i was charged up with the battery on second level,
To pursue my parent’s dreams by scoring well,
Be the best and shun the rest,
Then, killing my nature (Talent) inside me,
Have to drag my life around that.

Suddenly, third level pushed me with a bag of broken dreams,
But i wonder why few think me blessed,
With that sucking job 24 X 7.

Slowly, my next level encroachment by relatives tried to fill me up,
With all sort of Future Family planning,
Trust me it’s too much,

Slowly & gradually i grew old to my final level,
Old enough to dream my dream,
To speak what i have to say,
To hear what i always loved to hear,

But then i wake up from my dream,
And see that i still have time ‘To change a bit within the software with my passionate dream’.

Life is a barren land, trust yourself and grow flowers and vegetables to survive on 🙂


P.S : Don’t just play this game of Life, fix bugs, develop it more and comment below what you gonna change in your Life Software today?
Till then Enjoy the Real Game of “Life” 😀


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