Staring – An act decoded

Have you ever wondered Why ‘Staring’ is such an extraordinary phenomenon ? It changes with every stare and situations. We all love to stare – some at plants, some landscapes, some person (it’s harassing with eyes though ! ) , some words etc. Some stares are welcoming while others annoying.

Let’s look at types of stares :

1. Shocking stare : Whenever a stare that stretches eyebrows a bit in an elevated position, thereby, widening the eyeballs is ‘Shocking Stare’.
For eg : When you hesitantly tells your dad,” I hit the car with Pole today , dad” and he’s like staring you back with wide eyeballs for a second followed by a silence then *boom* πŸ˜€

2. Content stare : A stare that hardly strains our eyes, every part of face is so content and pacifying that one can view calmness inside them.
For eg : Staring a Mountain range, it’s so calm and composed a stare.

3. Harassing stare : A stare every girl hates, it’s just like raping with eyes. Some people (esp. Loafers) stare constantly while in a bus, Metro or any eating outlet as if they have nothing else to stare. Those jerks deserve a Punch.

4. Depressing Stare : A kind of stare we usually do when we’re done with a thing/situation, no more, no hope and usually depressed people do this often before they commit such meek act of suicide. Life has situations when we all fall down but that shouldn’t trigger us to take that stupid step. Time has to change isn’t it ? So, hope for the best every time.

5. Focussed stare : Stare we do while meditating on a dot or a point to increase our focus in everyday life. It’s always the best form of stare that will benefit just by bringing tears in your eyes.
Try it !

A self drawn staring looks

So, these were the types of stares. If i missed anything, comment section is always open to add upon it.
Till then keep staring.. Ops.. I mean my blog i’ll never mind.
Bbye  πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚



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