Dear 30 year Old me.

I believe when i’ll grow and reach 30 yrs of my this avatar.

We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having human experience ~ Anonymous

I’ll be more mature, have a full fledged library and feel more secure in my life than am today. I’ll keep reading and teaching (one of the thing i’ll never give up), maybe by the time i have a loving spouse and cute kids to take care of but i will still love to find time for myself amid busyness. I’ll be able to cook octopus (Hahah.. Just kidding, my mom will kill if she read this) by then, who knows. Most importantly, I’ll be what i really dreamed of ‘It’s secret’ and will probably publish a book which am trying hard to complete.

Sometimes am not able to understand my parents, by then i’ll be thanking my mom & dad for all the efforts they put in my parenting. I still want to visit Mountains twice a year just to feel again and again the fun of reading at an altitude, maybe i’ll be that motivated to scale Mt. Everest and click myself from the top cuddling a book 😀

It will be fun to continue drinking coffee and reading greedily (every newspaper and magazines) on Sundays, refusing to work at all on that day. To be dusting off my books from my shelf and recollecting memories. I don’t know if Twitter will exist but i’ll miss the new buddies i bonded up which i initially and gradually made. I’ll still be following Mr. Ruskin Bond and Robin sir’s words. To listen to Eminem raps, Bieber’s soft tracks and dance madly to Every rock and roll songs. I’ll be looking back at my stupid, crazy photos and laugh at every single immature thing i did and doing in my 20s. So, dear 30 year old me don’t doubt or fear, you’ll just the same as you were with bit modifications installed 🙂

Let's grow fearlessly 🙂

What’s your opinion being 30 years old ? What you really want to be/ see yourself when you reach this age ?



4 thoughts on “Dear 30 year Old me.

  1. My 30 year old definitely more crazy and awesome than I’m now… And may be by then my wait for Godot would’ve ended.
    If alive i would have completed at least one of the several goals and enjoying the life in a whole new insane way. The question would my 30yr old be proud of me now….??
    Hell Yeah!!
    Life may have taken me wherever I will be but the insanity woulf always be there…. And for sure not the “having coffee and reading” but surely let’s roll would be my thing….

    The post was a real need of the hour for me….
    Thanks and if u ever cook octopus do invite me….
    Loved and lived it

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