Boards Parinde :D

I remember the time I was in boards,
All hooked up in studies and loads,
Just to score that stupid 90% & above,
To make sure I’ve more to do and best to be done,
Now, at an age where it’s all a history,
I laugh out seeing the faces of Boards Parinde,
Who study and worry endlessly,
I won’t be telling them Do’s & Don’ts,
Just one thing before i go,

Believe in yourself and life will definitely be easy

That’s all I know.

That's how i felt when i attempt my boards 😀

I remember being on Tv fast when i reached my board class. Thanks to my parents that i hate watching Tv now 😀
What’s your experience being a Board Parinda ????

P.S : Boards are exams in Indian system that decides your field of higher studies and parents usually make a havoc of it every time.



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