Smile #InkingPagesChallenge #Sonnet

Don't think, Just Smile šŸ™‚

Curves that scare every wrinkle to death,
Giving lips an opportunity to speak aloud,
Worries just want to wrap us in a shroud,

Life is a balloon inflated with breath,
Starting off with ground,
We should strive to fly high with the clouds,
Freeing ourselves from stress net,

Making way for smile to enter the heart,
That spread positivity for others,
Which will make our world even better,

We just need to get a start,
This state will extend further,
Wrapping around us positivity like a sweater.

Sonnet Joke : My professor once told me, “If a guy writes few sonnets for you, he loves you but if he writes 300, he definitely love to write sonnets.” Beware girls šŸ˜€

P.S : This Sonnet was a part of Blog Buddy challenge week and i did it šŸ˜€
It’s difficult to write a sonnet.
What’s your stand on sonnets ? Why not to write a one ?



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