*Tada* Unveiling the theme for A to Z challenge.

It’s Monday, lovely people and since this month i announced to be a part of A to Z blogging challenge (1st time) where i’ll be blogging every single day w.e.f 1st April to 26th April. For more details visit here

Stay Motivated with me all April 🙂

Yes, this is exactly on what i’ll be posting from April 1, 2016 : ‘Motivation and Positivity.‘ There are 2 reasons to choose this theme :

1. Since last year am reading lot on Positive vibes being game changer in our lives i.e Motivational literature, will share amazing reads with you as well.

2. I wish to share small tips and tricks that can really make your day and mood positive.

I hope i’ll do justice to the theme and believe i’ll be successful in sending you Positive Vibes from 1st April.

Life is short but you have the power to live it large ~ Shalini Sharrma

Till then i prepare for it, keep smiling and stay motivated 🙂

Challenge yourself today 🙂



17 thoughts on “*Tada* Unveiling the theme for A to Z challenge.

    1. First of all your name is so cute Kaddu. High 5 we’ll be making people smile and stay positive the entire month. Will surely visit your site and eager to read your posts for a to z challenge, Let’s rockkk.. ! 🙂


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