G for Gratitude… #atozchallenge #motivation

I woke up, seeing myself blessed to,

have a fine mattress to sleep on,

observing the sun who’s supporting me everyday,

the fresh air that fills my lungs with enthusiasm,

my family that loves me so much,

a fine job to carry me to a better state,

a mark of confidence that i wear everyday,

I’m actually thankful for all good things in my life,

bestowed upon me by that mysterious power.

There’s so much to be grateful of 🙂

I stopped crying for new shoes, when i saw a man who has no feet.

So, count the things you’re thankful for ?


21 thoughts on “G for Gratitude… #atozchallenge #motivation

  1. Gratitude is important and when I fret my mom reminds of all the good things that happened. Somehow this gratitude I don’t seem to have . I am being frank. Even if I had, it would be for fleeting seconds. Your post forces me to think about it again.

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