H for Hardwork… #atozchallenge #motivation

Genius is 1% Genius and 99% perspiration ~ Robin Sharma

The word we are hearing since we started our school and all our teachers while handing our report cards says ‘ Very nice, you did well, but work hard next time’. Hard work – a simple word but contains every miracle to realize our dreams, no matter what the dreams are.

Some need good body, new car, house, new business or new job – This word has potential to bring you anything even though the thing is out of your reach. What the condition is Work Hard- kick yourself every single day with that goal in your mind. Most of the people fear this word and are always a victim of their being not so successful, read any life take Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri (Former Prime Minister of India), i recall an incident from his life when he was unable to buy text book , his teacher rebuked him and warned him to never be in school if he was not able to procure the text book. Instead of being sad or giving up, he borrowed one of his friend’s book and next day showed his notebook to the teacher, where he had copied the textbook- word to word, he did so because he was not in a condition to buy a new textbook.Hard work is this to be stubborn to make every thing favorable to you. We all are so proud of him.

See Thomas Edison – he worked harder each day to invent the bulb and much more, even though he tried 10,000 times to make it work and it worked. Isn’t it ?

Always remember :

Whatever the human mind conceive, it can achieve ~ Napoleon Hill

Mere wishing won’t help you’ve to work hard to achieve it. For instance, go and ask your mom and dad how they worked harder to make you what you’re & You’ll understand that beside hard work they have sacrificed a lot for it. So, work hard and even harder the moment you fail.

I have not failed, i have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work ~ Thomas Edison

Don’t just wish, just do it ~ Shalini Sharrma

By climbing the steps of Hard work everyday, you’ll reach the zenith for sure 🙂

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These all Motivation posts are part of A to Z Challenge #April 2016 , till then i plot some more. Take care. See ya 🙂


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