M for Music… #atozchallenge #motivation

One of my favorite word – Music, the one who has invented it did a commendable
job. For me it’s food for my soul and mood. It’s amazing how it refines our
mood and everything in a second, just those stings and instruments together
can transport one to a whole new level.

Listening music everyday, beside making your mood lessen down the stress
level and it’s proper use every morning can do wonders both in personal or
professional life. Your working capacity doubles it in your work background..
na.. no.. no Eminem raps or such that one can recite word to word… 😛
Just the melody and right music keep you active and in full vigor.

I personally used it during my schools days for solving Maths equations and
performing debit what goes out and credit what comes in, i mean to say
Accounts 😛  You’ll never regret using Music in maths or any such calculation
things as it keeps the spirit ON. Truly….

If you wish to know more about how can you inculcate Music in studies and work
with some good music to strive on… watch down below.

How to use music effectively ?

I don’t know scientifically but Music even helped me in tackling the subjects
that need rote memorisation ( okay it’s bad for a teacher to say this ), it
actually increases memory level and i even made history lessons easier by
making them rhymes that i used to sing at elementary level 😛

What an idea. Isn’t it.. Students you can thank me later but the point is
Music is such power booster in every way, till then i hear Never Say Never by
Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith, you guys can make your playlist with wonderful
mind enhancing MUSIC 🙂

What are you listening today ? (exclude mom’s rebuke when u volume it up at
mad level) 😛 😛





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