N for Nature… #atozchallenge #motivation

Imagine you’re roaming around green fields of DDLJ set up in Punjab or
in Nanital hugging mountains and cold breeze, kissing your cheeks or you’re
at beach side resting under shade getting ready to dive into the sea to play
with dolphins. Isn’t it amazing to even imagine it ? Now close your eyes and
imagine being amid the nature full of energy, welcoming you with both hands
(No cheating ha.. close the other one as well and no peeping).

How do you feel refreshing ? Brilliant ?

See the nature’s mere imagination has so much power, think if you are under it’s
constant shade- what would you be like ? Full of energy, beauty and so much
clarity. Use nature not just to rejuvenate but to clear your doubts and for
that call that your heart wants you to listen that u ignored even today morning.

Amid nature we are so pure, innocent and full of ideas as stated in Hindi idiom
“jaisa sang vesa rang” (Your company influences your personality) and what’s
best company than Nature who’s mute yet speaks so loud.

I would rather have fresh flowers than diamond round my necklace ~
Emma Gold stein.

Why not to spend some time with your forever pal, maybe you get what Newton
get being under that tree – No.. no… not laws but motivation.

I find more myself, among these 🙂

So, which shade in the park or corner in your house that your friend stays ?


10 thoughts on “N for Nature… #atozchallenge #motivation

  1. We all love being amid nature, we yearn for nature’s bounty around us but we don’t want to spare a thought or a moment in taking care of nature.
    Your wonderful post is an inspiration on how doing our bit for the environment is important to retain this joyous feeling forever 🙂

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  2. I love nature so much that you could find many poems on it on my blog. A road trip and I am rejunevated. Lately it has taken a back seat but hope to embrace it soon. Lovely post.


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