P for Prioritize… #atozchallenge #motivation

One of the positive word that simplifies our lives in a better way. Prioritize or thinking in advance what is to be done, creates a sort of order that motivates further to perform the tasks even better. In this super busy world we have so much to do – from Job to hobbies to family to time for self but with clearly defined priorities one can eliminate wasteful and useless activities which provides nothing.

The real secret to get things done is knowing what need to be left undone.

Before understanding this term, i was myself confused so as to how to manage my daily routines and other new activities i want to try my hands on. With this am quite happy as i now know what exactly i need to spend my time on. For eg : socialization is important but what if my priority is to socialize more with my family at dinning hours than on media which yields more of sleeplessness and headaches.

This term i find more best for house wives, even working ones who have endless work to carry on the entire day. I mean c’mmon give it some break. Be good at few tasks, others are not hard to handle. I often try to teach my mom this but moms want to be super moms and it’s difficult for me to understand this concept.

The person who tries to do everything, ultimately achieves nothing ~ Robin Sharma

I’ll prioritize REST today and you ?  😀

So, better be worth at few things than to be worst at everything. That’s what priority is all about 🙂



6 thoughts on “P for Prioritize… #atozchallenge #motivation

  1. I wholeheartedly agree on the approach of prioritizing and focusing on the task up on the priority list than multi-tasking, feeling the burn and ending nowhere worthwhile.
    Thanks for this insightful post, a reminder we so often need 🙂

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