Questioning… #atozchallenge #motivation

Why should you question in first place ? Pretty simple because you want to learn more new ways and with more clarity. For that all, you need to question, questioning doesn’t have to be imposed every time but should be in every case you’re unclear of.

It’s important to question oneself regarding roles one is playing, a sort of self analysis to know yourself better even while defining the goals one should question till the time one is very clear about them.

A person who ask questions maybe fool for a minute or two but those who don’t are fool for life ~ Robin Sharma.

Questioning doesn’t complicate the situations just clear them to the core, sorting out all the possibilities one be prone to making his/her determination for a thing even better. During my school days, i was too reluctant to ask questions even though i wasn’t clear about the concept. That apply mostly to Maths class where it’s difficult for me to understand geometry, even till date i wonder why Geometry was there and why certain formulas we need to memorize instead of deriving them. Somewhere we need questioning in that area of education too.

To explain it even better, i remember one life instance from Mathematician A.K Ramanujan’s life where in his Maths class, his teacher was teaching addition and subtraction, he raised his hands and asked what if there’s nothing left ? How do we define or symbolize it. Everyone in the class laughed including the teacher but see he was so clear after that question that he invented one of the numerical figure which rules everything – ‘0’ or zero. We need this every where in calculation and stuff and i wonder why India has not yet patent (see questioning). What if he had never questioned ?

Image Credit : Morgue

Any questions ????? 😀


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