R for Relax… #atozchallenge #motivation

Relax… What a soothing word, almost take you to those gala times you spend either beach side reading a book or dancing in rain at hill top (latter one I’ve done :P). Just a word but feels amazing and rejuvenate entirely. Β Relax this word we use so recklessly today in our conversations isn’t it ? irrespective of it’s power to make a difference in our mood.

I have seen people back from work but what they do in terms of relaxing is checking their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all such feeds till they are tired again and dozed off. Is this relaxing ???? A strict no from my side. Relaxing is lifting up mood and energy which we can do in natural surroundings in the form of walk, taking tea or coffee or lots of water in absence of all technology or taking time out to laugh, talk and share with our family all the good stuff about life.

The ideal relaxing mode πŸ™‚

Take time to laugh, love and live.

These 3 L will automatically relax us in every way without visiting anywhere. It’s important to work hard and equally important to relax harder with a holiday/ holidays and be on trip.

So, just relax… πŸ˜€



14 thoughts on “R for Relax… #atozchallenge #motivation

  1. Shalzz, this is not fair. It’s a crime to write such posts when you cannot go on a holiday. You will have to bear a penalty now. Okay, on a serious note, I totally agree with you. These 3 Ls and other things you mentioned to relax are really stress-busters. Thanks for sharing this. Keep writing!! πŸ™‚

    @bloggerabhi1 from

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