S for Simplicity… #atozchallenge #motivation

Simplicity – a word that it’s mere presence simplifies the matter. Being simple is not that easy in this fashionable era where all we want is to lead with new trends but this is a trend that never fades out. Simplicity is never to be taken entirely in terms of clothing, it has a wider scope in our lives as well. How many of us can live without A/C these days ? How many of us still drink water from an earthen pot and not from artificial and fancy refrigerators that do more harm than good ?

Ever wondered why saints and priests believe in simplicity ( not talking about those fashionable one though πŸ˜› ). It has a charm one can hardly deny. Ever focus on the charm these people possess being simple, living with nature and surviving on simple terms. It’s difficult for us but we can still practice it by being at least simple and humble in our behavior with others. Isn’t it easy ? You no need to lead an ascetic life πŸ˜€

why not to walk in park just to smell the chameli flowers real fragrance than spraying those tons of bottle in your house as air freshener. See how simple yet beautiful these experiences bring. Be on technology break at least once a week or so, write letters instead of whatsapping every time and try to maintain that cute smile on your face. So simple no ??

How simple yet beautiful nature is πŸ™‚

Life’s greatest pleasures are often life’s simplest ones ~ Robin Sharma

Would love to know how you practice simplicity ? πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “S for Simplicity… #atozchallenge #motivation

  1. I’d like to believe I am a simple person. In the way I dress and the way I talk .. infact in the way I write , I try and be conversational instead of complicated.
    You make some excellent points there – esp about technology break. I try to take that once in a while more so because my work entails being on phone a lot so weekends are for my child , who’se screen -time I supervise quite strictly..

    So are you enjoying the challenge? 7 days to go! are you excited?

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  2. Simply wonderful Shalini πŸ™‚
    I love your insightful posts and yes simplicity is a depleting quality but nevertheless in changing times its definition has changed too.
    I’m a pretty simple person with very limited needs with complexity limited to my thoughts alone.

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