T for Train of thoughts… #atozchallenge #motivation

Train of thoughts, we all experience it every single day – we think one thought which lead to another and connects it further to other thoughts. A sort of vicious circle. Isn’t it ? You have to agree it’s something we can’t escape.

As per facts and figures every single day we think 60,000 around thoughts and surprisingly most of them are same ones, that is we usually end up thinking the same or past thoughts in our mind devoting it to all those thoughts that create no great thoughts. It’s like we are habitual of thinking the same thoughts. Strange no ?

Now that you’re aware of this train of thoughts it’s better to think creative thoughts rather than the same old ones. The trick to encounter a problem is too the same i.e to think the solution in an entirely new way to crack it.That’s what all the creative people have in common. Creative train of thoughts.

Remember : It’s our thoughts that make us what we are or will be in life, so better start your train of thoughts to new and unexplored ways.


DSC_1876 copy.jpg
Image Credit : Morgue

Let’s connect the train of thoughts ? What do you think of it ?


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