U for Unique… #atozchallenge #motivation

We hardly give credit to this word until we understand it’s power to separate us from the other beings by making us Unique. We all are unique in every single way but we never realize this when we choose the same rat race that world want us to follow. It’s sad on the part that we normally get to terms while we are dying or we have no going back in our lives and career.

Unique is definitely not a word that reasons all your queer actions but it’s basically a benchmark that separates you in a way you no need to justify your work and love for it. I have seen people choosing fields rarely acknowledged. But since they choose their love and uniqueness over the existing fields, it’s truly an inspirational act.

All are blessed with this positive term since birth and it’s always appreciable if one maintains it in every way. Even nature shows this nature in the form of different flora and fauna. What if we have same sort of plants everywhere. It would be boring. No ? Same with the life unique experiences that strengthen us and make our journey worth mentioning.

Every unique individual possess beauty in it’s own form 🙂

So, whenever anyone compares you, tell them how unique you are ? See ya 🙂


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