X-cuse-Me… #atozchallenge #motivation

This is a new way to write the word – Excuse me. I write it differently as one should always use it not only getting a side in crowded places or asking for help or someone to repeat something.

Why not to use it as keeping negative people at bay ?

Whenever someone tries you to let you down in any way, just X-cuse yourself and go ahead with your plans. Why to let anyone destroy your peace of mind and attitude. Isn’t it ?

I realized this today morning that some people are so annoying and disgusting no matter how good you do or how more efforts you make to reconcile with them, but Alas ! When nothing works i X-cuse myself from the thought, situation and the person so as not to put blame on the person for wasting my entire day making it all negative and hard to bear.

Will you X-cuse me from your negative vibes. Thanks. Image Credit : Morguefile

So, whom you’re X-cusing today ? πŸ˜€


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