Being a Bibliophile…

It need courage to get up amid the crowd and say ‘Yes, yes am a Bibliophile and i love books more than anything’.

Being a Bibliophile takes practice, patience and dedication. It’s a huge mark upon your personality for whom people judge you (although i hate being judged).

How easy for people to say : See a boring personality all surrounded by books, but they forget Bibliophiles just prioritize books over any other thing. It’s like any other hobbies of music, dance, sketching etc.

Why don’t these same people go and judge others ? Or is it like they’re themselves living in illusion ?

Whatever be the reason, i love books and in future too. Let the fictional characters make a kind of benchmark the real good people and tales we need in society šŸ™‚

A part of my heart ā¤

8 thoughts on “Being a Bibliophile…

  1. I can see the Dan Brown books on your shelf, girl. And in my mind you’re a fellow Bibliophile! ā¤
    I guess I’ll always stay true to being a bibliophile, because when the times are rough, books can be your best friends šŸ˜Š

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    1. Well said Reader friend ! Huge fan of Mr. Brown. Seriously, when am in bad temper, i lock myself in my room and just read, it really calms me down ^_^


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