Exams Mantra…

Last night i came across a piece of article where a newspaper has recorded student’s response to how they tackle that superstition we all been used to since childhood for exams.Some said curd- sugar helps, few temple Aarti, others favorite pen etc.

When i look back to see i find every student is inflicted with this although, it’s a pure senseless and baseless, hard work and concentration is what make us excel but our mind is quite full of wonders that can be tricked easily.

As far as my belief is concerned it changed with age – when i was kid my mom told me to say Namaskara to God and don’t cheat. When i was teenager i made that favorite pouch (geometry box) of mine to accompany me all through exams. In my Graduation, i make Red pen as my weapon for superb score, it accompany me every time and i hardly talk to anyone much before exam.


I think I’ll continue using this in my upcoming Master level exams, i don’t know if it will ever work wonders but if i can boost confidence with these then why not ?

What’s your Exam Mantra ? πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Exams Mantra…

  1. Ya sure y not if it boosts confidence.

    But over a long run it leads to a state of dependency beyond everything else .Knowingly or unknowingly u trust on that red pen more than ur hard work .Thats y u need it to keep u moving.
    Can u imagine urself in an exact opposite situation in life when u come to a stage wherein u break the red pen during exam.U might lose the confidence in rest of your exam.

    An opinon shared!!!!

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    1. Well said Mahish ! But i’ve faced such situation and realized it’s all hard work that pays off but exams anxiety is such that it’s cool to have a dependency that never let you down from the start, a sort of positive kick. But good point, to trust oneself over anything else. Thanks !

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  2. I bet u don’t wanna know mine…. Coz it’s Studying!!
    Shalini exmas are on head… Go and study…
    Red pen or any other mantra won’t work unless u r not prepared…..
    Leave all this and go STUDY

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  3. Is the article u mentioned u have read the article that came in ‘ The Hindu’ I too remember seeing such an article and the students to which the qstns posed where my seniorsπŸ˜… so I remember it..what u say is true well in my case I’ve noticed that whenever I hope the exam is gonna be hard it turns out to be pretty easy so I keep telling I’m gonna fail πŸ˜‚ I know the real reason is that the fear makes me study hard but its fun to get supporting replies from my parents when I keep saying this…so I continue to do itπŸ˜‰

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    1. I don’t remember the newspaper but it was definitely not Hindu cz i don’t read that paper πŸ˜€
      Are you serious ? It means u attract the opposite energy that creates an opposite effect. Hahha.. Not bad at least you trick your mind like that. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

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