So, important a word in today’s age. We all have different kind of fears but most of them are the ones, other people have conditioned in us.

Yesterday, i saw a little girl chasing a stray dog touching him, calling him and playing like he’s her pet (It was not), dog tried to be patient with her mischiefs and choose the other way but she was so fearless to chase him and trying to touch him, seeing that her grandmother is alerting her continuously from a bench at a distance, she hardly cared and continue with her business. She was finally taken by her Grandma and instructed not to do this again.

Image : Mourguefile

I wonder that girl was so innocent and fearless that even dog showed a sense of patience with her changing his way. He was not at all looked annoyed. And she was not hurting him in any ways (just playing).

Then why her grandma need to inculcate a sort of fear in her mind regarding that stray dog ? Or is parents and grandparents are so overprotective defining our fears ? 


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