Morning is not so good an idea to discuss political state of a country or Nation, it’s just like building a sort of future tension & get unnecessary influenced by the person who speaks like a so wise and intellect leader.

Today in park i saw people (group of aged uncle) discussing the  political issues which hardly make sense. First : because Morning hours are to make you feel good & positive in every way, relaxing your neurons in a positive way.
Second : Most of them rely upon the so called Media news that are mostly paid and only TRP centred, mostly half truth being laid down in front of not so active public.

They hardly understand this and if ever in life whose possibilities are very rare will almost won’t be able to get the real face. I remember reading Machiavelli’s The Prince that sums it all.

I prefer being Apolitical not because i want to ignore the issues around but debates will hardly resolve it instead individual constant and continuous self development (not at the cost of others) does. Isn’t it ?

Me, when someone discusses politics 😀

2 thoughts on “A-Political…

  1. If you are saying about country like India where we have democartic system,we resolve or come down to conclusions through debates or discussions.Debates are never about overpowering each other but putting forward your points in a healthy manner.So its a forum where instead of coming down to an individual opinion you get other’s views and come down to a common conclusion.It helps.Thats how our parliamentry system itself works.
    As u said about media its biased to a large extend but we are good enough to judge whats right and wrong .Since all are not so good and might take it blindly we should always have these discussions because it clarifies things for them.
    Not all people think alike but these discussions will help our society in right direction.We think together and lead our nation.

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    1. Point taken ! What i feel is the ignorant people only stick to one single point of the media coverage that’s what make these discussions futile plus as you said discussions bring issues in fore front but what i usually see is shouting and howling in them, instead of convincing points that change the other. Our Democratic system is the best, we have right to put our side but these media is screwing every good thing out there. Thanks for your opinion 🙂


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