A word that delights the doer and scares the victim of that act. Prank is a word that justify no worry attitude but if only it do not exceed it’s limit.

I have been myself a victim of a Prank did by my classmates during school days. I was scared for my exam result and the day i was absent i was called by my friends to inform our teacher has disclosed the marks. I haphazardly asked if i manage to pass and they replied in negative. I was so depressed after that and almost broke down. Somehow, i muster up my courage for the next day where i find i scored really well. I was like hell these friends

Today only i saw a man doing yoga on a mat while his friend silently took a brick and dropped beside him where he was lying eyes closed, he wake up with a start, all baffled. While his friend was laughing with his disturbed state.

Is Prank really amuses ? Or it scares the hell out of you ?

Image credit : Internet


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