Being ill..

This is a truth universally acknowledged that being ill is one of the pathetic state one prone to. Ill a word that it’s mere thinking makes us vulnerable to negativity around and being in a state itself justify it’s significance.

In everyday hussle bussle of life we all forget that moment of contemplation and deep introspection that future might bring our way. It’s just like preparing oneself from the curves life may throw your way, anytime. A trauma that the sufferer and those around suffer in anyways. It’s altogether difficult to SMILE in that moment, no matter if you’re ill for a day or life.

Am no solution seeker as to why this and that happened, but one thing before i go :
Don’t let it have an upper hand in anyway, be hero of your life. You never know when this ill thoughts leave you seeing your passion for life.

Stay happy, stay healthy šŸ™‚

Stay happy, stay healthy šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Being ill..

  1. Falling ill, I agree does being down our morale. But think of it as a break from our daily chores, a time to ibtrospect… Lying down somewhere with even a single system not working makes all of stop and think. Get well!

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