Family Relatives or Fake Relatives.

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Today, i overheard someone’s conversation, although am not much of who’s excited to know what’s going on in other’s life but i was at public place and the person was so loud and doesn’t regret discussing it. So, why should I ? Isn’t it ?

I heard the lady was talking, almost fighting with her elder sister about the other sister whose almost blind and want her to get operated soon, so that she’ll be able to see again (at least what’s that she hope). But her elder sister want them all to accompany them to a famous temple stating that it’s useless to even go for that operation. I mean so sad no ? What if she was the one who was going through that stage ? What would she have felt if anyone doesn’t bother about her, irrespective of the fact that all the 3 are blood relatives i.e siblings.

I wonder if their parents if they were alive would have thought that ways ? This stance keep me thinking and thinking and thinking that we all are inclined more towards the words not their inherent meaning. For this Family Relatives are Becoming Fake Relatives or you can say Relatives with benefits.

In this forever connected era, we’re disconnecting from even the basic rule of being human – Humanity, forget about Relations. Isn’t it ?


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