The Kapil Sharma Show…

Kapil sharma comedy
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I really wish to write on it and *tada* today’s the day. Kapil Sharma if you don’t know the person let me introduce you to him. He’s an Indian comedian who did all sort of comedy and bring smile to faces. We found his talent and absolutely stunning timings to crack a joke in 2008 with one of the stand up comedian show – The Laughter Challenge where he won the show, since then he never looked back.

Although, being his fan myself am a big critique of him as well. He makes every one smile every weekend and he’s source of inspiration to every youth of this country who reached heights just because his talent, in an interview he confessed that he risked his life a lot for it. He gave up his government job and came to Mumbai in search of his destiny. He knew he could fail and he does, while giving the audition for The Laughter Challenge in Chandigarh he was rejected but to his surprise he was accepted when he gave the same audition at another place. It’s not easy to survive in Mumbai where every other thing is too costly and when he had no money left he often take shelter in Gurudwaras filling up his belly with “Langar” ( to be honest one of the best thing i like about Sikhism, their devotion to serve it). And after all that he’s now No. 1, all celebrities from North or South and even in his new show i saw International players enjoying themselves. This is success. Isn’t it ?

But almost fan of his for years i have noticed, even one of my professors called him a racist and sexist during a lecture that compelled me to think more deeply about it. Yes, he do cross his limits in few shows where to make one laugh he let down even the women race and even present an idea that dark colored people are inferior in someways which i feel is absolutely wrong, wrong in every sense. Even now in Chandigarh there was a procession by Nurses that in his show, he project a nurse as an object of desire, for which the show has led down the uniform that present them as a whole. I know it’s hard to be laughed at but if you notice he even laughed at himself and his middle class ways. So, i always tries to not laugh when i feel offended at any statement rather than hating the show entirely. We can use our wit accordingly as we do in our day to day lives.

I am no judge here, so i tried my best to mention all the merit and demerits of his show. And at the end don’t you think so how we perceive that joke matters and truly test our education when these things surface ? Let alone take it as a Joke (if you want to), rather than generalizing it.


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