Liebster Award..

*Tada* It feels so good that my blog Random Ragas has been nominated for this award. My 6 months young blog’s first ever achievement and we’ll be partying together soon 😀 I started off this blog last year in December, just to pen down what aches me and it comes out to be a beautiful thing since then.

Thanks RollingStones’16 for nominating me for this award, you guys are awesome. Teaming together and writing beautiful poetry. Keep rocking that ways 🙂

Answers to the questions you guys asked 🙂

1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

Ans 1. To calm down my aching nerves, i find blogging to be the best way for that.
2. How do you rate yourself as a writer?

Ans 2. 5 out of 10 as am learning each day to be better.
3. Have you found anybody sharing your same likes and dislikes in this space?

Ans 3. Yes, one of my blog buddy Dixita.
4. What do you think are the boys or the girls here..more supportive?

Ans 4. Girls are more supporting here although boys are less in no. but yes they are supportive.
5. Do you have some hidden passion that you have set aside thinking that it’s not practical to be turned into a profession?

Ans 5. Yes, am a good at giving speeches, i don’t think i’ll ever join politics to speak in front of so many people.
6. What do you prefer? To be alone or to be with friends?

Ans 6. Am almost a recluse so i prefer solitude but with books ha 😀
7. What do you do when you feel down?

Ans 7. I sleep, that’s the only escape for sad feeling and when i get up, am back in action. So, that works for me 😉
8. Tell five things you have learnt from your life till now

Ans 8. – To be happy, people will screw you up anyways.

-Life is short, so read as many good books as you can.

-Make friends.

-Drink more water.

-Learn from nature, she’s the best teacher ever.

9. Can you live without reading for 1 week?

Ans 9. No, i’ll almost die. Books should never leave the readers and vice versa.
10. Is reading what you love most among your hobbies? If not then what is it?

Ans 10. A big YES, at times i find myself doing nothing just reading books 😀
11. Do you mind if you die tomorrow or do you think there are many things you have there to complete before your death?

Ans 11. Yes, i’ll mind dying tomorrow because there are so many amazing titles I’ve not read yet 😀 and my personal goals that i want to complete before dying. I will prefer having a meet up with Yamraj so that we can reach a suitable date for that so as not to disrupt anyone’s work 😀

11 Facts about Me : 

1. My favorite authors are Mr. Ruskin Bond, Robin Sharma, Napolean Hill, Dan Brown, John Green and myself (wrote an e book recently check out here- Motivation And You. ) 😀

2. I watch T.V rarely.

3. I love sports especially adventure sport, Kabbaddi, kho-kho and Judo.

4. I have played Judo till state level during my school days.

5. Bibliophile.

6. I maintain a Journal and at times forget to use it.

7. I draw as well but rarely.

8. I hate watching movies in halls, prefer them on my laptop in a quite room.

9.  I love to travel as well if company is my bestie.

10. I eat rice a lot and prefer South Indian esp. Dosa when eating out.

11. I love mountains and almost feel comfy with them.

Nominating these 5 people for this award :


Poorva Gattani

Shweta Suresh


Cafenined Words

Rules are here :

libestar award pic

Here are your questions :

  1. Why do you choose to write ?
  2. How you want to see your blog after 5 years ?
  3. What if word press was never there ? What platform you like to express on ?
  4. How you see bibliophiles – boring or amazing ?
  5. Why do you choose that specific name for your blog ? Why not anything else ?
  6. Express your views on ‘Friends as blogger’ ?
  7. How many glasses of water you drink everyday ? If less than 8 glasses why so ?
  8. If you get a chance to be invisible ? What would you like to do with those powers ?
  9. How do you shoo away negative vibes ?
  10. What if you get a chance to communicate with an animal ? Whom do you choose and what will you ask ?
  11. Write 2 lines on ‘Motivation’ and how you pursue it everyday ?

So, have a great time answering them and congratulations to all whom I’ve nominated. Waiting for your replies 😀


6 thoughts on “Liebster Award..

  1. Thank you for nominating me.😊😊💃💃
    Will write a post relating to it real soon.

    I don’t like you mentioned Ruskin Bond at place….cries*

    Sharing likes and dislikes with you is so much joy 💃💃
    You are motivating me everyday .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh.. I must have forgot. It’s like internet issues let me hurry the things down nor i had to delay it even more. Btw.. He’s in heart, he needs no mention 😉 Thanks sweety i love when i motivate anyone 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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