Yoga diary… #YogaDay

It’s 21st of June and what marks the beauty of sky today is the Yoga Day celebrations. Yoga is not just a physical exercise but contains meditative and spiritual experiences while doing aasans. You learn patience, control and practice from it.

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I started practicing yoga during my school days when my games teacher highlighted the importance of Yoga. Due to busy life and schedule i left it long back when i was capable of doing even the saptvajrah aasan – a form of yogic posture, now only last month i get back to Yoga when i realized how lazy and inflexible I’ve become. My neck pain brought me back to it it actually.

During this whole month i lose nothing just gained, gained silence, patience, control over my body and good breathing with all sort of pranayams i do every day. I read somewhere in a book, majority of people don’t even know how to breathe properly. In their hasty life style they failed to recognize that their breaths are becoming shallower each day. They do nothing more than exist.

That’s what Yoga till now has taught me to inhale calmness and exhale the negativity. The more you do it , the more you live entirely.

Yoga goals – to be able to perform mayur aasan and headstand along with padmasan. All these are tough for a beginner like me now πŸ˜€

’tis the beginning of Yoga Diary. So, when are you inculcating Yoga in your life ?




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