Yoga diary #2

Good to see you liking the inaugurated post Yoga diary… #YogaDay and am happy to see you all getting a bit of motivation out of it. I’ve vowed to make yoga part of my life and in earlier post i mentioned i have yoga goals that i’ll be achieving soon with practice and control.

Till now my favorite asana is Savasana 😀 – it’s a posture where you lie down on your back with hands and legs in relaxing position, this asana (posture) is done after every asana (posture) to gain more energy and to introspect your body organs where you watch them with your inner eyes. When i started off 1 months back, i was reluctant to do yoga and almost slept while doing this and mom had to wake me up 😀

Image : Google

Okays, no more jokes. It really helps you focus, improve memory, lower blood pressure and relief from fatigue and insomnia. So, make sure you do it every day and stop laughing at me. I did it for a bit long few days so what 😀

so, why not to try it and make sure you love this asana (posture) as well ? 😛


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