Half Time 2016 #InkingReflections

I get up one morning,

looked around and decided,

to pen down words, no matter how harsh they sound,

no matter whatever my mind cooks,

it’s it’s really important to pen them down,

to store them somewhere – RandomRagas ,

never to lose them,

somewhere to find,

to look back whenever am not sound,

to re read The Silence…. ,

to laugh at Lonely Stairs ,

to believe in Broken dreams… ,

to clear my Hazy Perspective ,

to lie down,

and think no more just to pen down,

It’s now 6 months from where i started,

I met lovely people,

who are my Muse… ,

who’s so kind to my Words…

constantly changing me every day & night,

I was just a Bibliophile… ,

now with Motivation And You ,

I’ve step ahead to write more apart from posts,

writing is all natural now,

and importantly a delightful delight 🙂

P.S : Thanks to all the lovely people who’re supporting me every day and am glad i took  A to Z April’16 challenge. has helped me a lot to explore more, not to forget our Blog Chatter community that gave and still giving new people as friends in blogging 🙂





19 thoughts on “Half Time 2016 #InkingReflections

  1. What a talented group of BlogBuddies I’m connected to!! Please give me some tips too to write so beautifully and creatively. I really enjoyed reading and loved it entirely Shalz…also how you mentioned and linked your posts in poetry form…..Keep ti up and keep writing!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Abhinav ! You blog buddies keep me going and helping to be better and better each day.
      For linking your earlier post do check out the link option in the upper board and u can connect it anywhere 🙂


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