Yoga diary #3

The disadvantage of not doing Yoga is you sleep an hour more, inactive, reluctant to do anything and as if your conscious is embarrassed. Practice makes perfect rings in your mind and a treat of headache hugs you like your ex which you really wanted to avoid (hahaa.. what a comparison 😀 )

Few days back when i went to nearby park my eyes popped out seeing an uncle doing headstand so smoothly and even he made padmaasan (a lotus, yogic posture) crossing his legs without any support. His chakrasan (a yogic posture) was so perfect that i was ashamed, am so young and still that chakrasan gives me aches. And this day of week when you woke up late just to realize the precious time is lost. I’ll somehow try to cope up with this guilt of mine.

Just to remind myself, Yoga goals : To be able to do sirsasan (Headstand) and mayuraasan (peacock posture) soon although am just perfecting those easy postures these days like padmaasan , vajraasan etc 😀

What you all are doing to make sure you do enough of physical exercises ? 


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