A new dawn.

Every day it’s a new dawn, we see the same old sun but even he changes every day. Every new dawn gives him an opportunity to glow more and better. I wonder what keeps him going for so many years ? He’s not even an inch bored glowing every day at definite time and even setting on time, despite this amid the moonlight he’s doing an overtime giving glow to the night scenario.

Don’t he want break, don’t he has family or any other loved one to hang around with ?
Or he’s glowing for us all, maybe one day one of us thank him for being so cute and protective, giving life to every other creature. Think how would be the life if we have to dwell in constant darkness – no light to guide our lives. Maybe, he’s just being so nice because he has mastered the idea of giving more than expecting.

What do you think – about a new dawn ?


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