The Autowali

She was driving through the difficult curves of road, irrespective of the people watching her around. She took her auto in a lane, turned on the left hand side and get along the speed breakers with such calm and clarity. She found a bike being parked so recklessly amid the lane that she bother not to bother the owner at the moment and parked where she get the space, came out of the auto. She was quiet comfortably dressed in a shirt & trouser with a bun on her head made with a clutcher that scatter her hairs from different sides, she took out a pink purse in her hand and moved boldly towards her house.Who knows why she opted for that profession but one thing was clear :Β She is a proud and self dependent Autowali.

We need more such women to be self dependent and confident about their lives and profession. Isn’t it ?


31 thoughts on “The Autowali

      1. Evils can be changed to good deeds but inequality is something that need more work. Yes, obviously bcz am a girl and only a girl can understand being a girl in such Society.

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