The curly curls

She was just combing her curls when she realized she need to straighten them up, these curls are mess – a total mess that has created more mess in her life. Her life is like these curls – round, irregular and unable to manage but still she gave that sucking life a chance to be combed and mended properly with a straightener. Everyday is like getting up, managing the curls and set back to sleep, realizing the curls are back again, no matter how hard she treats them, they have to come back apparently and all her efforts dissolve in tearing up that hopeless state.

One day she just straighten the curls like she does every day and went for some fresh air outside. The moment she was on the road, it started to rain, she neither had umbrella nor the roof where she could hide herself. So, she let the situation be as it was. Every single drop of rain drenched her curls beautifully satiating her soul. After a while she felt curls coming back bending at times her fully straightened hairs like her life but now one thing was clear that she won’t be investing her efforts in straightening them again, let the curls come back, let her face them one more time, let her liberate herself from once and for all from the curly curls.

She’s happy now both with her life and with the curls, they are no longer her confinement – the rain was the ultimate liberation 🙂

P.S : A short piece of fiction but the curls are real. My hairs are curly too but am thankful because they aren’t like Kangana Ranaut (an Indian actress) or one of my blog friend Pins & Ashes, despite these both look cute in those curls for sure 😀 😉



26 thoughts on “The curly curls

    1. Thanks sweety, arrh curly hairs are a mess and as far i know your hairs are beautiful enough so, thank you have no curly hairs 😉 and if u feel like one go ahead use straightener creatively to have curls whenever u want 🙂

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