Common women, uncommon stories #1

He was just about to put garland on her head when she opened up her veil and slapped him, the same man who forced and assaulted her was truly behaving like an ideal man by marrying her.

No, she thought she’ll hand him to the police and start her life afresh with more confidence, no matter how alone she is, she’s definitely not weak. Not this time, not anymore.

created by :Β Shalini Sharrma

P.S : This and all the upcoming stories under this theme for next 15 days is entirely a part of fiction. No resemblance to any living or dead, purely coincidental if it does. Linking this post to Half Marathon 2016 byΒ Blog Chatter.


35 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #1

  1. Seriously… the society we live in and it’s strange ways of making a wrong right! Tight slap… exactly what is needed to bring society back to its senses.

    She did the right thing. Nice post. Looking forward to more.

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  2. She did the right thing! I wonder how her life would have been if she decided to take things as they come. Short and crisp.

    It seems that you have already planned all your 15 stories, and that’s good!

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    1. Thanks, oh no just few posts ahead, lot more to cook up in days to come. she would have died thinking she could have done that long before.Thanks again for taking time for stopping by πŸ™‚


  3. Story is having unpredictable twist from veil to slap . Really strong women shalini .

    A strong message for defaulters .

    I have one request to make , kindly excuse me if I have no right to ask for such thing.

    Please write one romantic fictional story or poem who talk about the love we have in society.

    That will be reward sort of thing for good people. Hope you got the point I am trying to make else we can discuss.

    Coming to your blog and reading your posts make me serious lol…

    We should have room for fun and relaxation. Life otherwise sucking us from every possible dimension.

    Hehe donot take any of my comment seriously…

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    1. Hi Nisthur, thanks for reading & appreciating. I’ll definitely write one romantic story as per your request but not every time love stories bring fun, at least that’s what i believe. Ab you’ve req. It, definitely after 31st July, probably next month. One story dedicated to romance. Thanks again for ur feedback !

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      1. Thanks for considering my request. I will wait till no issues , but I have doubt , when you are saying every story not bring fun.

        Please write romance which have happy ending not the tragedy lol….

        Thanks for being sincere with my request.

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      2. Just a request shalini. I am at your disposal.
        Since you agree to disagree and most of time agree to what you understand is right it’s good sign actually for balanced personality. Yesterday all of sudden on the way to home stricken in mind that lot to be done on equality.

        My point is that even we make our past success a base or foundation for our next project then we become more positive, enthusiastic and stress free achieving what yet to be done. Then we can cherish our life.

        Instead of slap we can think of if not kiss atleast flying kiss in our post for our future husband. People are bad in society but we do have equally good people.

        As you agree we opposites of every thing required to sustain this world.

        Evil has been since ages. The moment good had been created bad also created. It never ever can be eliminated as zero.

        Can’t we keep on doing what’s to be done or what’s possible in favour of the good and enjoy our life. Let the bad does not have impact on significant impact on our life.

        Lol it’s again become like a lecture, sorry shalini. I doesn’t mean to bore you.

        I do accept your point of view, now wrapping.

        Have great day ahead.

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      3. Hahah… I can’t stop laughing when u add that example of at least flying kiss for OUR future husband. See my posts for next 15 days are on women who made it and stand against the odd. I totally get ur point, you won’t believe I’ve recently written an e book ‘Motivation and You’ where my main focus is on all good even in my real life, i believe if anything is not right, there’s a way to make it right and that’s what am trying my stories as well. Am not sure if am quite successful in that plus it’s obvious if we think more of bad we’ll be depress sooner or later. Thanks, it’s always good to have discussions as such πŸ™‚


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