The Autowali Part 2.

This post is in continuation for the post : The Autowali

The day she chose the profession, she must have murdered her soft side as today, she is fighting on the streets for herself, for her existence and for her being what she is. It must be difficult for her to remain a woman of soft skills, soft hands – all manicured and decked with ornaments which again symbolism of women imprisonment, it must have hurt her to give up her behavioral sense entirely just to behave like a man , man in this patriarchal world where no one wants to see a woman – the homemaker getting out and competing with men & the hardest is to beat her own man. 

She drive her way out in the streets not as Pinky but as Pankaj, a woman in disguise. Nobody will doubt her then or her profession.


23 thoughts on “The Autowali Part 2.

  1. As far as your writing style is concerned you are awesome, sincere and loving.

    Let us take same scenario on positive note.

    1. She is independent.
    2. Financialy stable.
    3. Supporting her family.
    4. Raising her child with dignity.
    5. Inspiring others to follow trend.
    6. Challenging her own limits.
    7. Utilizing talent and education.
    8. Claiming her equality in society.
    9. Proud driver, can save and have one more auto and hire to others, later become first women entrepreneur in Auto industries.
    10. Living Happy life being a Auto wali.

    Things can be added more but now you might have an idea what I am trying to express. Positive side lol , positive side of any situation.

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      1. I have suggestion to make lol…
        I don’t know how you will react ?
        Why can’t you have Auto wali main protagonist in love story which is due in August lol…

        Just kidding hehe hope you don’t mind my comment.

        Just ignore if you don’t like..

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      2. From rags to queen sort of story , may be she met in some god father kind of men and become Tv actress , model or Heroine..
        Or Oprah Winfrey kind tv host or many miracle’s plot…you can think of…

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      3. Lol …that’s not fair …I never planned to write fiction story it not my cup of tea…

        Sorry shalini time will not allow me write one.

        I am happy with one story…. We call life….

        You are not less …lol …in trapping me…
        I have to think now , before commenting…


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      4. Will you agree with 50 words story or 100 or to max 500.

        I am not fiction shalini , I have not read even a single fiction novel book or story in my life.
        I Love hard core reality, spirituality…lol…

        I am going to be pathetic, I have no sense for love, romance …

        But any way thanks for your sincere request . I am sorry lol…

        You please go ahead I am with You .

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  2. Reality is hard to bear and preaching is easy…that’s what you meant in your previous comment.

    It’s not that I have fear of failure to write story , since I have nothing to gain from life.
    I am complete with in on spiritual ground.

    But definitely committing to any task be it writing a story will require dedication, time and energy. Where in I am lacking.

    If you think I can only preach good things or so called positivity . And its coming to me to take up a challenge to write a story . I will write !😊 if it satisfy your ego… for your shake only…

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    1. No, u took the comment wrong. I said reality is hard and people often have hobbies like reading as such to escape for few hours or so from that. I asked u the same how do u escape or you’re a hard core practical person whom i could salute _/\_ You don’t need to worry i’ll write it and if it doesn’t suit u , plz don’t do that thing.

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      1. Thanks shalini.. clearing my doubt …I took it wrong I believe.

        My life absolutely beautiful on the basis of practical application of spiritual principles in my life.
        Enjoying to its fullest…

        Let me know …if I missed your story post due to some reason.

        Kindly let me know.

        I would love to read my core of my heart..

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      2. Reality is such a beautiful thing if you understood it’s principles then you are always in bliss.

        Spirituality is key for my happiness unshakable…lol

        No matter what is happening out side on this world, I am in peace and love…


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