Common women, uncommon stories #3

The lady who was the ‘Angel of the house’ till last month was now be seen in her trousers and shirt visiting the sites, instructing the laborers to construct the foundation of the house strong enough, earthquake proof and client oriented. She took charge of the business, the day she came to senses with the death of her husband.

She completely refused to be dependent for her 2 little daughters. These days she’s fighting fiercely for her husband murder case to punish the defaulters who are still threatening her. Leaving no stone unturned.

created by : Shalini Sharrma

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27 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #3

      1. don’t think they are rare, the woman I think is somebody with her man, looks out for support in some way (I’m being being quite loose here with the terms) so when the man dies, she takes charge of herself because then she knows her man has gone and she needs to!

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      2. Point taken ! But not all does that. Few in our society still love to be dependent on man forever and ever. Like first on husband, then on brother or father whosoever is available. Saying no to already comfortable state is i what believe is rare.

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      3. Point taken! nevertheless, I bump into many of them, and find more of them than the dependent variety, across ages, across region, education all the brackets (not being the idealist, but realistically)

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  1. It’s good to see and hear of such stories. Like Ash says, they’re not rare. but it’s just that those who seem to go into a permanently shocked state at the death of the husband seem to be more. So it feels that they are rare.

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  2. shalini… if the loved ones are not around us, might be much much depressed.. and many a time the women who was told to be bounded to those emotions are playing as the Saviour in those difficult times..

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