Common women,uncommon stories #5


She was fat, irregular in shape and always in love with pizzas that’s why her friends teased her ‘Moti’ or fatty, they even resort to seclude her as she never really fit in. But one day when one of her friend was teased by a stranger and she saw her face turned all in shame plus all others were mute spectators. She lost her control when he started abusing her physically, she moved ahead and slapped him hard. Seeing himself in shock state, he ran off.

Taking her friend by the hand she mentioned,” First and for all better try to speak up in matters that concern your dignity than enjoying the imperfections of others”. That day she slapped 2 people back to back and now she’s more happy and confident about herself.

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39 thoughts on “Common women,uncommon stories #5

  1. You can never predict inner beauty with physical appearance of person and you can never know when a so called fatty turned into a charming girl though i sound filmy but in lieu to this topic i’ll like to showcase the example of Bhoomi Pednekar the acress of bollywood movie Dum laga ke Haisha a fat girl turns in shape.


  2. I have been a victim of body shaming for a long time now. Nothing perturbs anymore. I don’t really care what the other person thinks. I have given fitting replies before,so people stay away,now, after years of taunts.

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      1. I meant to say that people like celebs, who present a perfect picture that a normal being idolise is troublesome in every way because either they try to be perfect or lose their self image. I hope it’s clear now ?


      2. yes i agreed with you, you follow celebs and try to be like them,

        if we are away from that standard then we feel bad about us.

        we should be able to see beauty of inner self and should be able to relate same with others

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      3. You won’t believe where i find the hero 😛 Wait, wait and wait.. okays, hints if u can figure it out – A common man to whom every girl listens intendly while he’s on job ? Good luck 😀


      4. hehehe its a riddle to solve, i am not good at that…i am further thinking of that character …

        will you mind if my guess is wrong…

        let me give a try…….


        Teacher…, professor…

        let me know if my guess is right or i am near to that…

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      5. okey thats great, at least you have 2 important character in your story….

        i heard some where if you know the climax of your story then you can easily complete the story…

        i mean end comes in find first then you build the characters and twist them and finally you end where you wanted to finish…is there any thing with you in this story…

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      6. You’re good at giving ideas, but for me writing story is just starting it off first, then everything else develops because i hardly knows what i want to end in that story, a sort of climax for me as well 😀


      7. you fix the climax first then story is done…fix the message you want to convey out of that story then you are almost at the end…
        once climax is fixed , you can play with characters you want , you can twist the story.

        its like if destination is fixed then either you walk, take bus, go by train or fly….no matter how much time you journey will take…its easy to build up situation….

        During the journey if wanna change destination that also can be done…

        but have message in mind ….i donot know…just sharing….

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