Common women, uncommon stories #6

She has problem in walking, a sort of limb disorder, it’s even difficult for her to walk straight way but she showed her confidence while she chased a purse snatcher that day and hit the guy with one of her crutches that eventually crush his spine. The shot was so perfect that she instantly got a ‘call’, a call to be a para olympic player and today she’s preparing herself for the olympics.

Why should she remain a liability and a constant picture of helplessness ? After all, she’s a strong woman.

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26 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #6

  1. A strong person from within is a liability in himself , the form we have outer is just a cover. Crippled or not isn’t the matter. Strong mind. Strong body. I am glad she is now part of para olympics

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  2. Off course she is one strong women.
    I am getting a impression overall women are stronger. We do we need prove it.

    Yes I believe women are stronger in thier own way. Why the need to be compare to proove so ?

    Let us accept and believe . Women are brave and strong since her inception. And will remain the same. But her strengths are different. She is complete with in . Perfect in her own way. Best in her own style.

    I believe .

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      1. I mean , I can see possibility of leadership within you. Today you don’t have crown to wear. But the way you are concerned with social issues. One day you will get reward and fame for your efforts.

        So I am saluting a future leadership within you.

        Hope you got the sense now.

        All the very best for your journey ahead.

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      2. That’s your kindness that don’t required any recognition. But your intense desire for society will make you work.

        I am not motivating, expressing what I have felt about you.

        Glad connecting with you.

        Wishing you all love, peace and happiness for your life ahead.

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