Common women, uncommon stories #7

She has never learned swimming but that day when she saw the calf almost drowned in the village pond, she could think of nothing just to save her and thus, she jumped, just for a mute animal whose existence hardly mattered for the by standers.

That day she realized none dies of water, it’s never trying to conquer the fear of it pulls us down.  She just packed her bags for an independent life, leaving that devilish man on his toes to regret.

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29 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #7

      1. Both it’s all mix, basically i’ve picked the issues around which i wrote like assault, fear, handicap etc. so that’s why i mentioned in my 1st post all fiction and if it does sound like reality, only pure coincidence !

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      2. You do ! There is no doubt about it. I must congratulate for your efforts.

        But fiction has no limitations, this is beauty of this genre . It could be beyond day to day chores…

        Something like super Women…

        Just a idea…

        I don’t know…I am right or not ?

        But something …wow sort of a fictional story…

        Once in a while would be good idea….??

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      3. I understand what you’re expecting in fiction but fiction actually means something that has never happened or can happen, so my whole point is to take issues of women around to make sure this or the solution am referring to can happen. They have a choice. And let me tell you fiction that’s beyond reach in human terms often, as in my case as a reader, lose interest. But you’re right, i’ll see what can i do for more fictions that i’ll write for next month. Thanks !

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      4. Thanks a lot. Feels more powered. And the good thing about these interactions is you never give up on your points which at times, change my view. Thanks too for taking time for commenting what’s missing and what more can be done ! More power to you too !

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