The Grandmother i know…

She need rest now, a rest from all the duties she has handled up till now. She’s thin, almost blind, white haired and suffering from memory loss, it’s difficult for her to remember whom she met last. Her only concern is to see her 3rd daughter married, to see her well settled. But today, the hope is lost… hope from the doctors to get her life back.. she’s counting her breaths now, don’t know if she’ll sustain for more hours. It’s like she need some rest and now it’s right time for her to end the battle, she’s fighting for more than 90 + years and i really can’t stop thinking about her. She’s not any relative of mine, i just met her once and i feel like crying on her state. She’s struggling even now. I can’t forget her beautiful eyes, her wrinkled face and her loneliness that i felt that day i went to her room. I felt as if she’s confined, bounded by something and she need someone to speak to. She wasn’t able to speak my name properly and i was happy with whatever she addressed me as. I feel like crying now. I will miss her, how strange few relations have more impact in our lives and will be remembered no matter if you have not been involved in any sense.


I really wish i could ease her pain and my pain as well. Tomorrow will be the new dawn for her i guess and maybe she liberate herself but i’ll wake up only with her face in front of my eyes just to bid her ‘Good Life’.img_20160706_084728.jpg


13 thoughts on “The Grandmother i know…

  1. Let her be transformed in new body, where she will start her new journey, new parent’s, new neighborhood. New eyes , new body. New energy.

    Let us be happy for her that she will get new clothes , new house.

    I am happy for her , she is gonna have new dreams, new responsibilities now.

    Death is new beginning….

    As far as her last desire is concerned, to get her third daughter married. She will.

    She will have perfect guy. The guy you crafted. If not same similar to that.

    Life is Beautiful, Death is awesome. It allows new dawn to happen. It allows the beautiful change to happen.

    If we will not die, how new born will get the place in our family , society, in country and planet.

    We have limited resources, let us pray for her departure , and be prepare to celebrate new beginning.

    Actually we are selfish, don’t want our grand mother to be the some body future family.

    Let her be in her new life.

    You are too much sensitive, and has to learn beauty of life in its totality.

    I pray her perfect life in new role.

    She will ever live in this universe, but may be with different people in new body.

    Hence it’s only body that dies, not the soul.

    One who identify self and others with body see misery of life.

    One who know they are soul, lives in eternal bliss.

    Have a great day ahead beautiful soul.

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    1. How could you do this – i mean simplifying the concept of life & death ? It’s difficult to see someone leave, no matter of what age, it’s painful to see them going and nowhere to be found. I hate when people leave, why do they come in first place ? Death maybe the soul’s new beginning but what about others that soul left behind to cry and remember ?


  2. I am extremely sorry. I have no intention to hurt you, or any other being for that matter.

    Even if in future , I express any thing which is in appropriate, please excuse me.

    Hope you have forgiven me for not choosing right words and wrong concept to realize something in which you are not interested.

    I will be more aware in future, and take all precautionary measures , not to repeat it again.

    Actually I know, death is one bitter reality of life.

    If some one is having wound and it’s growing with puss. In one case we should not do any thing and let the wound grow and suffer from the pain.

    In second scenario , we need to clean the wound with antibacterial solution , and do the dressing of the wound with appropriate medicine and along with that , we may be given bitter taste medicine to swallow. In the treatment of wound , no doubt we will suffer with additional pain and suffering, but its advisable to heal the wound for ever.

    In my approach ,I know it’s additional pain to the suffering but it cures the entire suffering for life.

    Gautama Buddha was the prince and felt the suffering of death, old age and disease. But instead of being emotional and sensitive, he discovered the path, where no suffering of life.

    Once you understand the path of liberation it may look harsh, but takes you to the in the realm of freedom.

    I know expecting such understanding with your age is not wise.

    Hope you will extend you support in understanding me, which has good intentions.

    Respect and regards to you.

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    1. Please don’t apologise, matter is very sensitive and it at times leads to an outburst but you’re right, one need to find the way to eternal happiness and content. I’ll try and i’ve read ‘Siddhartha’ by Herman Hesse which talks of such wisdom. Read it twice up til now and it’s too good. Thanks !

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      1. Let us close this issue on positive note !
        Glad thay you know the path of siddhartha.


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