Common women, uncommon stories #8

The moment she entered the class, she felt odd, oddity was in the air and a sense of discomfort as well. Her colleagues were behaving differently that day, they had handkerchief on their mouth to cover their laugh, even the girls were giggling madly seeing her taking her seat. Today, she had to sit at the last bench and by the time she reached there, she saw everyone laughing out loud. She finally inquired the matter and one of her friend which was part of the giggle took her to the corner and told her in an extremely low tone.

She was in utter shock, she muster her courage and went up to the Professor’s table and addressed once and for all,” Am on my periods guys and girls and am not to be ashamed of that. It’s a biological process that a girl sex has to go through, still i wonder why girls are giggling like that, just because my trousers are all soiled in blood stains. If you think that’s a matter of laugh or two my advice to you is GROW UP“.

She dared to confront the class, making an eye contact if anyone want to counter- attack rather she found the entire class applauding for her guts to address the silent issue after so long.

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9 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #8

  1. The more you hide any thing more it creates curiosity . If you write in the door of the house , Don’t peep inside.

    People become curious to know . It’s human nature . Things which are natural to us have been created surprising by the moral, culture and society.

    Initially I thought not to comment on this post after reading it.

    Later encouraged myself to be natural and share my feeling , as I have been doing with your other posts.

    Blogging world gives this opportunity that we can share here , what ever we feel like sharing despite age, gendor , religion and perspective difference without any hesitation.

    Good write Shalini , I appreciate and respect your courage and dedication for the cause.

    Keep sharing, All the very best.

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