Life as it is….

I hardly know life,

He actually introduced himself at the time of my birth,

I smiled, my eyes looking steadfastly on LIFE,

Irrespective of things am going to see,

No matter what it will contain,

‘Hey, am life ‘ that’s how he shake hands,

My little fingers moving vigorously, hardly able to shake properly,

He vanished hearing the sound of my mother approaching,


I started growing, learning new things,

get to know myself,

remembering new words,

fights with siblings,

But he never approached,


Days went, time passed,

I was a teenager,

full of new world, new hopes, new dreams,

it’s when i tasted the failure for the first time,

Parents told me it’s LIFE my child, move on with greater zeal,

I hardly remember the meet,


I grew up as a young lady,

ready for new challenges,

reading all the way,

learning new insights,

just then everything seemed to be right,

It turned all upside down,


I struggled, it made no sense,

I shouted, anyone hardly heard,

people around me said,”It’s LIFE”,

I wondered why he’s so shy to even face me,

Then the incidents become clear,


I remember the person i met as a child,

It was he..he came to tell me, i missed that out,

he was there when i was smiling at him,

Now he’s busy introducing himself to others,

I’ll hardly know him that better until death introduce herself to ME.


Created by : Shalini Sharrma


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