Common women, uncommon stories #9

She’s criticized today, for her strength to back a man which people had already declared a criminal, sabotaging his office and throwing him out of his house. He was in great danger and full of loneliness today. He could see no way out of this mess, until he met her, she studied every minute detail of his case and decided to back his concern.

She studied law, just to support women of her country but she hardly knew, she had to back a man who’s being charged with the dowry and harassment charges by his wife just within few months of marriage. She took this because she had this thing in mind,”None is criminal until everything is proved in the court”. For this quest of justice she had to defame herself, her name and long 10 years career in Media and wasn’t sure if everything will come out as she expect it to be. She slapped the entire media that day when she proved in the court that the man was unnecessarily alleged for what he never did, the police arrested the wife and put adultery charges on her.

She finally got the man and herself the requisite justice.

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10 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #9

  1. There are women who take advantage of the law, then there are women who don’t know that such laws exist and then there are few who don’t speak up although they know everything. I like the lawyer, her judgement wasn’t clouded.

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