Yoga Diary #4

Last week was so disappointing for me as i chose laziness over getting up early and kick for my Yoga goals *sigh* due to no motivation almost draining out of energy thinking and almost over thinking for things that i could hardly control.

So, on last Saturday i got up and just go on a Run.. a mad run, that’s always capable of bringing me back to my senses and en route i met one of my colleague with whom i used to do Yoga, he asked me the reason for not joining in and i don’t know how my mind came up with words,”I’ll join u all from tomorrow for sure”.

And just to keep the dignity of the uncle, i woke up and went early to meet n greet my Yoga fellows, they are almost middle aged and they love to correct me whenever am wrong or my inability to reach a next level in short they keep me checked. One of the aunty among them told me that,“Yoga is all about strengthening yourself, you’re fighting every day to wake up, come up and seek the nectar of power to fight the negativity in your life”. And i recalled the Kung Fu Panda song one of my favorite,” Everyone is kung fu fighting… you’re not an exception”. She’s so right !

Yoga goals : Able to do mayurasana and head stand soon 🙂


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