Common women, uncommon stories #10

She just started it casually, to get rid of her break up pain. She never thought she’ll end up having drugs as her meals. She panicked whenever she got nothing and it was like she want to be in dream of being high forever. She was on the edge of death, when a slap woke her up – it was her mother, she traveled all the way to meet her and found her in this pathetic state. There was no hope of her to recover or rehabilitate but she still don’t lose hope, she gave all sweat and dedication to give her daughter a new life but her daughter gave up eventually, leaving that miserable body of her forever.

She hardly shed tears on her funeral, just packed her bags and shifted to her daughter’s house, now she’s saving more lives by workshops on ‘drugs & breakups’ along with a  helpline no. and once in a week she go out to spend time in rehabilitation center to see her daughters and sons getting out of the mess soon. 

created by : Shalini Sharrma

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