Common women, uncommon stories #11

It was difficult for her to love a man, she’s not lawfully married to. She was like being dragged between her husband and him. She liked every moment spend in his company, his caressing of her hair locks, their park meetings and the food she prepared for him. It was heaven outside but hell at home. She hated that place with that man and one day she decided to get out of that relationship forever.

She had decided to make it one and for clear, she’ll be applying for a divorce soon and will take her daughter along with her. Just then everything was about to be in place, her husband came back and lash her violently for being with a man who wasn’t her husband. This day she faced wildest of abuse, sex and lots of beating till dawn. After he was asleep, she went under a tap and made a decision – that day she left her daughter in hands of her lover to take care of while she fought for the divorce till her last breath and she was liberated finally.

Created by : Shalini Sharrma

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15 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #11

      1. Isn’t that the woman’s choice to be with someone she likes . I don’t know when the society would change its view on certain things like this

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  1. The plight of women is similar to the woman in the story for many. But I am glad ymshe had someone to help her out when she came out.


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